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Jurbarkas Skirsnemune Jurgis Baltrusaitis basic school is located in the small village in the district of Jurbarkas.

School is in the western part of Lithuania. Jurbarkas district Skirsnemunė Jurgis Baltrušaitis basic school is divided into three sections: kindergarten, primary school and lower secondary school. There are 29 staff members and 223 students in the school. Age range of our students is from 2 to 17 years.

The school successfully participates in projects co-financed by the European Union Structural Funds, in projects announced in Lithuania: Local Action Groups, the Ministry of Agriculture, Jurbarkas District Municipality, Sports Support Fund.

Jurbarkas Skirsnemune Jurgis Baltrusaitis basic school
Jurbarkas Skirsnemune Jurgis Baltrusaitis basic school

3rd GYMNASIUM OF NIKAIA is a former experimental school and an Erasmus plus accredited secondary school. It is involved in numerus projects and it has participated in Comenius and Erasmus+ KA1, KA2, KA3 actions. It is an active member in environmental and cultural networks, congresses and activities and has been collaborating with Greek universities and schools from Greece and abroad. The school also encourages student involvement in school decisions and fosters educational staff who are active supporters of the lifelong education and training for rising the school’s potential.

The Scuola Convitto Rinaldo Corso in Correggio is an important and ancient school.

The 'Rinaldo Corso' National Boarding School in Correggio is probably the oldest educational and scholastic institution in the province. Records of its origins date back to the Confraternity of St Joseph, which, alive since 1519, aimed at the Christian education and early instruction of young people. This institution began to decline towards the end of the 17th century.

The following schools are currently attached to the Rinaldo Corso Convitto School:

-  Primary school (6-11 years old students)
-  Secondary junior school (11-14 years old students)
-  Vocational and Professional institute with the following addresses:

  1. Agriculture, Rural Development, Enhancement of Territorial Products and Management of Forest and Mountain Resources
  2. Enogastronomy and Hotel Hospitality
  3. Maintenance and technical assistance
  4. Industry and craftsmanship for Made in Italy

The institute also offers a semi-boarding service for primary and secondary school students, with the possibility of using the internal canteen for lunch and the presence of educational staff for afternoon activities.

Convitto school integrates three different school levels (Primary - Secondary I and II grade) and has approximately 1,000 students.

This verticality lends itself to the realization of the principle of didactic-educational continuity. The Primary School relates with the Secondary School through common projects, open lessons, teacher and pupil exchanges. There are also several exchange projects between the middle school and the high school.

The primary school day is characterized by two moments: morning lessons (statal and free of charge) and the possibility of extending school hours until 6.15 p.m. (a possibility that entails the payment of a fee and allows for afternoon attendance with the following services: canteen, assistance from educators during study, snack, assisted recreational activities)

Pupils who stay in the afternoon are looked after by an educator who guides them in carrying out their homework and aims to improve their education at the table, at play, in study and in relations between classmates. In recent years, the English course with mother tongue teachers and the music workshop have become an integral part of the curriculum.

The presence of the Vocational School allows for the shared use of the workshops, laboratories and create many opportunities for special lessons led by teenagers for children, shared experiences with older students teaching and healing younger ones.

Jurbarkas Skirsnemune Jurgis Baltrusaitis basic school