Trip to Italy

Trip to Italy

On 8 May, a team from Skirsnemunė Jurgis Baltrušaitis Basic school and a greek team from 3rd Gymnasium of Nikaia (4 teachers and 6 pupils from each country) went to Italy, Correggio, where they met the project partners from Italy.

The first day of the trip was devoted to exploring the most beautiful historical sites of Milan, Milan's most historic landmarks: the world's largest Gothic cathedral, the oldest and most ornate Italy's most historic shopping centre, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the medieval Merchants' Square, Sforza Castle, Milan's largest park and, at the very end,  Peace Arch.

On the second day, Lithuanian, Greek and Italian pupils learnt about Correggio Convitto history and the region and were able to compare how different learning is in Italy and Greece. A training session on "Online Safety" was held.

Students shared their experiences and learned about what can or can‘t be shared in the public space,

learned about the basic rules of online safety. They have also prepared for the next day's activities in Bologna. The next morning, we left for Bologna. Although it rained all day, the the porticoes - covered columned arcades - that line all the streets of the city centre, made it almost impossible to get wet. The joke is that you can walk through the city in the rain without getting wet. All the porticoes in Bologna make up 38 km. Students had the opportunity to visit the world's oldest university in Bologna, which boasts not only a fascinating history but also architecture, numerous arches and frescoes.

In Piazza Maggiore, they saw the 16th-century sculpture of Neptune and the fountain of St. Peter's Basilica. The St. Peter's Basilica, the Due Torri, or Leaning Towers of Bologna.

The fourth Erasmus+ day was dedicated to the culture of traditional Italian food.

We learnt how to cook together with students from an Italian school. What? Traditional Italian food, of course.

In the afternoon students improved their skills in robotics lessons and shared their ideas in a computer class.

The evening was rounded off with an international party, full of good spirits, songs, dances and, of course, traditional Italian dishes.

The students spent their free time with their new friends. They had the chance to enjoy themselves together, get to know each other better. Warm memories were also created by the whole Italian school community, which surprised us with their warm and sincere relationships, their caring and hospitality.

 The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.