Guests from Greece and Italy were represented with Lithuanian customs and traditions, took part in... a real international snow battle.

Guests from Greece and Italy were represented with Lithuanian customs and traditions, took part in... a real international snow battle.

The Erasmus+ project "Increasing digital literacy in schools" continues again. This time in Lithuania. From 12 December, the Skirsnemune Jurgis Baltrušaitis Primary School hosted project partners from Greece and Italy.

On the first day, students from Lithuania, Italy and Greece, working in groups, practically tested the digital tool Clipchamp, creating informative, interesting and entertaining videos using photographs they took during the training sessions in Greece and Italy. Teachers were given a lecture on digital literacy, digital literacy enhancement, digital teaching/learning methods, strategies and challenges.

The afternoon was dedicated to introduce the guests to the customs and traditions of the Advent period and the Christmas Eve dishes. After tasting dishes that are familiar to lithuanians but exotic to the guests, they made candles and toys from natural beeswax. The guests were full of praise for lithuanian school and its facilities. But most of all, the Erasmus+ participants enjoyed the snow! It was a real international snow battle!

On the second day, the Erasmus+ project participants visited Kaunas, the temporary capital of Lithuania. They saw the magnificent Christmas tree and the Christmas Town in the Town Hall Square. At the National Museum of Art of M. K. Čiurlionis, they watched the virtual reality film "Angel's Paths". This is one of the most innovative artistic projects in the history of Lithuania, recreating almost 60 paintings by Lithuanian artist, painter and composer M. K. Čiurlionis. It was more than a film, it was an experiential journey which, thanks to virtual reality technologies, created a feeling of a sensitive presence, of immersion in the world of the artist. All the Erasmus+ participants were impressed by the film! Another equally interesting educational experience was waiting for them in the Christmas workshop of Raudondvaris Manor. Here, guests explored the properties of Baltic amber, made an amber lucky bracelet with angel's wings, enjoyed an extraordinary amber tea and discussed the health benefits of amber.

On the third day of Erasmus+, students from Lithuania, Italy and Greece worked in groups to further improve their digital literacy skills by completing an informative and entertaining video storyline. Teachers and pupils practically tested the Plickers digital tool for evaluation and reflection. Guests shared their experiences of the tools they use. The last day was really long. The Italians and Greeks not only tasted, but also learned how to bake our traditional cakes. In the evening, they took part in the Skirsnemune community celebration - the theatrical lighting of the Christmas tree. The farewell party featured Lithuanian, Italian and Greek songs. We danced, sang and played fun games. Because  the merrier it was, the harder it was to say goodbye. During this project, teachers and students not only improved their digital literacy, communication and cooperation, creativity, and English language skills, but also made many wonderful friends.

 In January, the Erasmus+ project participants will conduct demonstration lessons in Lithuania, and in February they will develop a methodological video.