The first kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ project

The first kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ project

The first kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ project, was held in Lithuania from 19th to 21st January. The meeting was attended by two teachers from Lithuania ( Dainora Saulėnienė, Ramunė Urbonienė), two teachers from Greece (Magdalani Vlami, Stavroula Tentoma) and two teachers from Italy (Cristina Catellani, Serena Zaccarelli. The primary objective of the meeting was to introduce the partner schools to each other and to the local community, and to discuss the implementation of the project.

Meeting Objectives:

  • Introduction of partner schools to the school and local community
  • Discussion section on the project implementation
  • Planning of the activities’ calendar
  • Discussion of the deadlines
  • Discussion on the dates and places of the next meetings

The first kick-off meeting was a success and provided a clear direction for the implementation of the Erasmus+ project. The participants were able to establish clear objectives, plan the activities, and set the deadlines for the project. The next steps for the project include the interim meeting and workshop in Italy and the trainings in each country.

The project team is committed to ensuring the successful completion of the project and disseminating the results to a wider audience. The final product, a film showcasing the results of the project, will provide valuable insights and recommendations for future projects.